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Case Study

Leeds Parcel Company & Floorstore

For over a decade, Floorstore, a leading flooring solution provider, has fostered a robust partnership with Leeds Parcel Company (LPC), relying on their logistical and transportation expertise to fuel its growth and success. This case study delves into the dynamics of this enduring partnership, highlighting LPC’s invaluable role in supporting Floorstore’s expansion and ensuring seamless product delivery to customers.

Floorstore’s relationship with LPC spans over ten years, a testament to the reliability, consistency, and exceptional service provided by LPC. During this time, LPC has proven to be more than just a service provider; they have become an integral part of the Floorstore team, playing a crucial role in the company’s growth and success.

As Floorstore embarked on a journey of expansion, LPC seamlessly integrated storage and distribution services into their offerings, demonstrating their adaptability and commitment to meeting Floorstore’s evolving needs. This addition has significantly streamlined Floorstore’s supply chain management, enhancing efficiency and ensuring that products reach customers promptly and reliably.

Leeds Parcel CompanyLeeds Parcel Company
Leeds Parcel Company

"LPC’s commitment to going above and beyond, coupled with their ability to adapt and integrate additional services, has played a pivotal role in our success"

LPC’s reliability and flexibility have been paramount, especially during challenging times. Their ability to ensure smooth product delivery, irrespective of external pressures, has solidified their status as Floorstore’s trusted logistics and transportation partner.

Floorstore views LPC not just as a service provider, but as an essential part of their team. This perception is rooted in LPC’s unwavering support and their proactive approach to logistics and transportation challenges. LPC’s dedication to Floorstore’s success is evident in every interaction and operational decision.

Looking ahead, Floorstore is eager to continue this fruitful partnership, confident in LPC’s ability to remain a steadfast supporter of their business. The anticipation of many more years of collaboration underscores the strength and positivity of the relationship between Floorstore and LPC.

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