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Case Study

Leeds Parcel Company & Cubico Bathrooms

Cubico stands at the forefront of the UK bathroom industry, distinguishing itself as the market leader in supplying an extensive array of high-specification products such as baths, showers, taps, and toilets. Committed to merging high quality with affordability, Cubico offers the bathroom trade superior products complemented by unparalleled customer service, making it a favourite among trade professionals seeking excellence and value.

Cubico's initiation of LPC as their logistics partner was an inherited decision that would become a cornerstone of their operational strategy. LPC was selected for their unparalleled customer service, competitive pricing, and proactive approach to problem-solving, which perfectly aligned with Cubico’s ethos of quality and service.

Upon reinforcing the pre-established relationship with LPC, Cubico immediately recognized the long-term value LPC would bring as a logistics partner. LPC’s commitment to building lasting relationships promised a reliable supply chain backbone for Cubico’s growing needs.

LPC's logistics support has been a catalyst for Cubico’s business expansion. Their reliable logistics solutions have been especially valuable in managing the intricate demands of delivering high-spec bathroom products, ensuring that Cubico’s reputation for quality and service remains untarnished, even during peak times.


LPC’s tailored services, which align with Cubico’s commitment to quality and cost-effectiveness, have underpinned Cubico’s ability to meet and exceed customer expectations

Cubico places high regard on LPC’s competitive pricing and their "can-do" attitude, both of which resonate with Cubico’s mission to provide cost-effective, high-quality products. LPC’s flexibility and willingness to tackle challenges head-on have been pivotal for Cubico’s seamless operations.

Cubico has benefitted from LPC’s proactive customer service on numerous occasions. A memorable instance involved LPC’s adept management of an unexpected delay with pallets at the main hub. LPC’s clear communication and diligent updates were crucial in navigating the challenge without impacting Cubico’s commitment to customer service.

Across all interactions, from customer service to the transport department, LPC has demonstrated outstanding service. Their unwavering commitment to reliability and honesty aligns with Cubico’s pledge to provide the bathroom trade with top-tier products and service.

LPC’s aftersales service and adaptability in the face of unexpected issues or changes by consignees have stood out to PCI. LPC’s team is always ready to provide solutions and options to keep customers satisfied, showcasing their commitment to exceptional customer service.

Cubico not only values their relationship with LPC but also actively recommends their services to others. The synergy between LPC’s logistical expertise and Cubico’s market-leading position in the bathroom trade is a partnership that Cubico anticipates will continue to flourish.

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